Hobby Lobby And The “Christian” Defense

I found the following items in a Hobby Lobby today (which, let the record show, they got none of my money today and will not ever get a single dime ever again). I made the following observations which I am going to share here, and since it’s my page, I am not defending myself! I listened to everyone go on and on and on about it, and now it’s my turn to voice my thoughts which are just as valid as everyone else’s and I will hear nothing else!

1) Hobby Lobby used its “right” of religion to deny birth control options to its female employees, all the while willingly funding vasectomies for male employees. There are also documented cases where, while denying birth control to employees, they also fired pregnant women and denied their female employees maternity leave (feel free to look it up).

2) If Hobby Lobby is worried about being “Christian,” then they should not be selling items made in China, because doing such funds an atheist government and furthers their world dominance in the global marketplace.

3) The following items, seen below, are all well-known Illuminati and occult symbols. If they are so “Christian,” they should not be selling such items in their stores.

PART_1423352394198_02071514554) Therefore: I, Lee Ann B Marino, being of sound mind and body, DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD about the issue of businesses defending their “rights” to their “religious convictions” when CLEARLY that is not the case here – because if it was, they would be CONSISTENT. This was about money and discrimination and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE. I am tired of all this hypocrisy disguised as Christian faith! This is about money, commerce, greed, and discrimination, plain and simple – if it was about faith, they would be consistent!!! ‪#‎hobbylobbyisbougie‬ ‪#‎enoughofhidingbehindreligion‬


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